Policy of our journal is of avoiding plagiarism in articles. Plagiarism is a academic misconduct, that leads to rejections of articles publication. We check all submitted manuscripts by Unicheck before review process. If plagiarism is detected, the submitted manuscript is rejected.
All submitted manuscripts are considered within 1 month.
The manuscript is reviewed by 2 independent experts. The evaluation of the submitted manuscript is based on a standard questionnaire. There is an double "blind" review: names of authors and reviewers are unknown to each other, with the exception of the editor.
Review Process
The review covers the following issues:
- novelty of the theme, new ideas, generalizations of known or repetitions; correspondence of the content of the article stated in the title of the topic; the reasonableness of the statement and the depth of problem development; conformity of the chosen methodology and research methods with the set goals; content of illustrative material; adequacy and reliability of experimental data; substantiation of the presented conclusions; the practical significance of the article.
Review is conducted double "blind". Reviewers (two) do not know the author of the reviewed article, and the name of the reviewers is unknown to the author of the article.
If there is a recommendation in the review regarding the correction or revision of the article, the text of the review is sent to the author with a proposal to take them into account when preparing a new version or to substantiate them (partially or completely) to refute them.
In the presence of negative reviews of the manuscript from two different reviewers or one negative on its revised version, the article is rejected without consideration by other members of the editorial board.
The maximum period of review - between the dates of receipt of the manuscript to the editorial board and the issuance of the editorial board of the decision - is two months.
The original reviews are stored in the editorial office for three years.
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